Ulrich T. Grabowski discovered abstract painting autodidactically for himself as a means of expression of his fundamental emotional ups and downs in top positions. For him, painting is a significant part of dealing with the past and an important balance to his work as an entrepreneur.

After a long, successful career in the top management of well-known international companies, Grabowski retreated years ago and returned to his painting with studios in Switzerland, near St. Gallen and Germany in the artists-quarter of Leipzig-Plagwitz, where he has a studio with a permanent exhibition.

His love of color worlds, combined with emotional interpretations, his artworks stand for the examination of the inner self in form and color. Abstract paintings in acrylic represent expressively and with high color intensity – often with symbolic language as well as abstract forms – moods and feelings of inner conditions, themes of our time and a very eventful past.

Often seemingly harmonious, but often still internally divided between positive and negative poles. His powerful play of colors allows the viewer to see how pain and joy, strokes of fate and success, sadness and moments of happiness alternate. Just as the alternation of shadow and light and remaining in the light, the works shows the observer through the vibrancy of strong, light colors in the end the positive.

Through this emotional experience by means of the vibrational ability of the colors is to signal to the viewer to generate their own positive energies and feel self-efficacy.